September 2016
Recently, I was talking to my girlfriend over Facebook Messenger. We’re currently living in different cities, so she casually sent me a picture of the food she was eating. It was 12:15 PM on a Sunday. I commented that it’s a delicious looking brunch. She asked how I knew it’s her brunch and not a lunch? I was slightly startled myself; I just assumed it was. I didn't really question or debate it internally at all. The first thing that popped to my head as I tried to trace back my thoughts to the moment was the time of day. So I knew it’s her brunch because of the time, I thought. But wait! Lunch is eaten at the same time as brunch. So that couldn’t have been it. That was only a weak attempt at explaining by reason how I knew what I knew in that conversation, and about the real reason I didn't have the vaguest of an idea.

It’s only later that I really got it. It was the food she was eating. She likes to eat that dish (egg, tomatoes, and vegetables) for breakfast. I had seen her prepare and eat it many times–for breakfast. And I realized that was how I knew. I knew, but I didn’t knew how I knew; I wasn’t really aware of where it came from. I just knew.

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